This page is secular (just to clear that up)

There are a few differences between this blog and, say, a country. Many of these differences are quite obvious, including a noticeable lack of landmass taken up by the blog and an abundance of other living beings in countries. However, there is one difference I would like to highlight:


If it's important to you, here is an explanation of how the title came to be:

Pomegranate Parables

     Once upon a time, I decided to form an imaginary band. I asked my flatmate, Julian - remember him? - for a word that he would like in a band name.

"Pomegranate," he said.

"Parable," I said, because I thought it sounded right. "Pomegranate Parables. That's a pretty good name."

     Then, we got poop-faced on gin & tonics while watching Arrested Development.

     A little while later, I used it as my artist name on SoundCloud, with the description: The indie-post-prog-rock/electronica duo that never was.

     A little while after that, I put it into a song.

     A little while after that, I made the blog.

The Goddamn End

     And that's it. That's what happened.

When I re-formatted the post area a little while ago, I found that my previous header was too small. I spent an afternoon at work thinking of something new, and decided to choose a famous Bible passage as the background in keeping with the 'Parables' bit in the title.

I could have chosen a pomegranate pattern but I didn't.

This blog is fucking secular.