June 14, 2016

Mattie, June and the Other Room



chillin' like a villain.

I've spent a good deal of time writing drafts for this stupid story. One always has such trouble getting the words out just so.

The humans triumph (?) this time.

Mattie, June and the Other Room

Even though June had driven almost two hours from Tenby to Cardiff Airport for a 7 a.m. flight to Toronto with a three-hour layover in Amsterdam, she and Mattie were awake well past midnight discussing the finer points of cross-stitching.

June was not paying attention to Mattie's meandering monologue about her latest monstrosity, or "piece," as she optimistically called it. There was something far more interesting over Mattie's shoulder.

"Say," June said, pointing it out, "I don't think you've shown me that room yet."

"What, you mean the kitchen?"

June did not mean the kitchen; she was perfectly aware of its location. "Other side, behind that window. Strange place for a room, now that I think about it."

"June, there's nothing behind that window. It's just the backyard."

"Mat, I think I'd know a room if I saw one. That is a room."

The hairs on the back of Mattie's neck stood on end as if someone was watching her, and suddenly, she was very awake. A cold wave of panic crashed into her, settling in the pit of her stomach. She shook herself, mentally berated herself for being utterly ridiculous and, with a steadying breath, turned to look.

For a single, heart-stopping moment, she saw it: an entire Other Room she had never, in the two years she had lived in that house, seen before.

It did, however, seem oddly familiar.

Warm relief rushed through her as she recognised it. "That," she said, "is just a reflection. Of, y'know, this room. Since it's dark out there and the light's in here and physics..."

June felt rather foolish. "Sorry, I should've known."

Mattie hastened to assure her that no, she wasn't stupid; that it was all perfectly understandable, this being a strange new place for her; and besides, the living room was so terribly dim, anyone could have made the same mistake.

They shared a good chuckle over their mutual silliness, agreed that they were both too tired, and then, they turned in for the night.

June 08, 2016


I don't remember the context.

A couple months ago, I drew this BANANAS AF picture. I think the sole reason was to post it on my friend's [Facebook] wall. I printed two copies of it out on good cardstock and one of them keeps me company at work.


As a [very long] side note, I've been watching lots of (too much) television lately, like a healthy, non-sedentary human bean. Wynonna Earp and Supergirl have both received mixed reactions from critics...

... but, like, they're both extremely enjoyable? The first half of Supergirl, and I'm only a little over halfway through, was extremely engaging. I managed to finish Wynonna Earp in under a week. They feel like more modern versions of Xena and Buffy—female-led superhero shows with spotty acting, extreme cheesiness, etc. None of the dark and gritty nonsense some shows try to sell; just good, mostly clean fun.

This isn't to say, of course, that they don't discuss bigger issues. They have all the classic elements: family, morality, relationships... dead parents. The only difference is that the main characters don't get crapped on, no one is fridged, everyone is treated with some goddamn respect (I'm looking at you, The 100 and Supernatural).

Also, Calista Flockhart is in Supergirl and redeems herself from the disaster also known as Ally McBeal.

(To be quite honest, I actually enjoyed Ally McBeal for about a season. I didn't know any better at the time. I haven't kept up with Calista Flockhart, but I sincerely hope she's happy and healthy.)


Supergirl AND Melissa Benoist are cinnamon rolls, too good, too pure for this world.

Also also, at least one of the actors on Wynonna Earp is Canadian and a Jeen O'Brien song was played in one episode. Four for you Wynonna Earp; you go Wynonna Earp.

Wynonna Earp

There aren't any good cast photos? This is very confusing?

Of course, Supergirl was on the brink of being cancelled. Last I heard, it was moving to the CW, meaning that it will continue. Some fans already fear that the CW will corrupt the show's wholesome goodness, but I'll wait and see...


Back to the bananas. The other day, my friend reminded me that I had drawn BANANAS AF, so I made a little sequel:


It became a bit meta.

June 02, 2016

Charlottetown, PE: The Bake Sale


Monk Buns, amirite?

In this edition of Tory's Slightly Disastrous Travels, Tory encounters something so heartwarming that even her cold, dead heart was a little touched.

Those rolls ("monk buns") were made by student monks at the Great Enlightenment Buddhist Institute Society (GEBIS), founded by Master Zhen-Ru, in Prince Edward Island. They were, from what I gathered, warmly welcomed when they first moved to the Island and have been treated with great kindness ever since; and so, they work hard to give back to the community.

The history of these rolls can be found HERE.

I participated in a bake sale at my new job. All money raised went to a colleague who is currently battling cancer. I'd never met her before, and my supervisor basically voluntold me to help out (of course, I didn't mind).

You guys. I have never seen so many baked goods in a single place before. The sale was held in a board room with a one of those long elliptic conference tables, and it was covered in sugary goodness (and a couple loaves of bread and a single jar of salsa (?)). I cannot impress upon you, Dear Reader, how much goddamn food there was. The fundraiser was a huge success, or so I hear.

As for the rolls, the monks had somehow gotten word of the fundraiser. They donated over 100 rolls, literal boxes of them. How amazing is that?