May 27, 2016

Charlottetown, PE: Public Transit


Large Eggs

Welcome to the very first edition of Tory's Slightly Disastrous Travels, in which Tory, a.k.a. a Broke Student, a.k.a. Myself, moves to Charlottetown, PE for the summer to work for the feds.

After a good night's rest, I set off for Toronto Pearson at around 5:30 a.m.

Just kidding, I slept for maybe an hour. I did set off for Pearson at 5:30 though, and it was not fun. Also, I forgot to take my shoes off at Security. I taxied from the Charlottetown airport to the room I'm subletting for the next three months. Then, I went to the Charlottetown Mall, a bustling hub located just 10 minutes from downtown Charlottetown.

Just kidding. On such a tiny island, 10 minutes might as well be the difference between Port Hope and Toronto. I picked up some essentials from the mall, dropped them off at the house, then hopped on a bus downtown.

I find myself discussing public transit more often than the average person, but it really is quite interesting. Maybe I'll go digging into its history for a post.

Anyway, one of my favourite things about Charlottetown is that there are two bus routes: one that travels the town's perimeter and one that travels right down the middle.

And the busses! Look at these things!


I figured they were supposed to resemble trams for the aesthetics, to fit in with the downtown charm, but after seeing the interior, I wouldn't be surprised if they were in fact trams, re-engineered to run independently.

I apologise for how creepy this shot seems.

They have these extremely uncomfortable wooden benches pretending to be seats, and when passengers are picked up, the drivers screech to a halt (they are invariably speeding) and fling the doors open at the same time. If you're coordinated enough, you could leap in and the driver wouldn't even have to stop.

I need to take a very long nap now.