May 27, 2016

Charlottetown, PE: Public Transit


Large Eggs

Welcome to the very first edition of Tory's Slightly Disastrous Travels, in which Tory, a.k.a. a Broke Student, a.k.a. Myself, moves to Charlottetown, PE for the summer to work for the feds.

After a good night's rest, I set off for Toronto Pearson at around 5:30 a.m.

Just kidding, I slept for maybe an hour. I did set off for Pearson at 5:30 though, and it was not fun. Also, I forgot to take my shoes off at Security. I taxied from the Charlottetown airport to the room I'm subletting for the next three months. Then, I went to the Charlottetown Mall, a bustling hub located just 10 minutes from downtown Charlottetown.

Just kidding. On such a tiny island, 10 minutes might as well be the difference between Port Hope and Toronto. I picked up some essentials from the mall, dropped them off at the house, then hopped on a bus downtown.

I find myself discussing public transit more often than the average person, but it really is quite interesting. Maybe I'll go digging into its history for a post.

Anyway, one of my favourite things about Charlottetown is that there are two bus routes: one that travels the town's perimeter and one that travels right down the middle.

And the busses! Look at these things!


I figured they were supposed to resemble trams for the aesthetics, to fit in with the downtown charm, but after seeing the interior, I wouldn't be surprised if they were in fact trams, re-engineered to run independently.

I apologise for how creepy this shot seems.

They have these extremely uncomfortable wooden benches pretending to be seats, and when passengers are picked up, the drivers screech to a halt (they are invariably speeding) and fling the doors open at the same time. If you're coordinated enough, you could leap in and the driver wouldn't even have to stop.

I need to take a very long nap now.

May 07, 2016

Television Binge


In order to make up for my disastrous semester (I don't know if it was disastrous or not; I haven't checked yet), I have been on a television binge.

More specifically, I've been on a mostly BBC binge.

You guys. My dear Reader(s). Friends, Romans, countrymen. The BBC is quite nearly my absolute most favourite thing right now. Keeping in mind that these are shows I've already started in the distant past, here's a list of shows that I've raced through in the past few weeks:

Idris Elba as John Luther, my fave. My other fave is his friendship with Alice Morgan.

Scott & Bailey
Bailey is honestly one of the least likeable characters I've watched on my binge.

Father Brown
I've read the Father Brown stories, and the show is not quite the same. Lady Felicia discovering dead bodies is an oddly delightful trope.

Happy Valley
Sarah Lancashire's bangs give me life.

Call the Midwife
While the entire cast isn't captured here, this screencap contains many elements of the show: period midwife costumes, food, cardigans, and, most important of all, tea.

You guys (again). Let's talk about Call the Midwife for a moment. It has such a huge cast—upwards of fifteen "main" characters over five seasons—and yet, I remember everyone's names and I actually care (!) about them. This has never happened to me before, and I'm not sure what to do about it.

- The kettle is put on at least once per episode.
- Sister Monica Joan is wonderful and steals every single scene she's in ('I have put Plato here, next to Mr. Freud, so they can be companions in their ignorance'.)
- The nurses trying to extricate themselves from family arguments during home visits is an excellent trope.
- Unlike many other shows, the characters don't make one terrible decision after another in order to manufacture drama, and it's mind-blowing and beautiful.
- Their accents! [West] Welsh for characters from Pembrokeshire! Upper RP for characters from upper-middle-class families! Cockney, and variations thereof, for all the characters living in the East End! And many more!

Series 5 aired at the beginning of this year, and the next episode is the Christmas special, which is months away. I'm pretty pumped for it.