November 22, 2015

Spirit Talk: Dal and Vi


I just published a new tab/page, and I'm just replicating it as a blog post here:

This is a FAQ and character page! It contains a brief introduction to Spirit Talk and the two main characters, Dal and Vi.

Q. What is Spirit Talk?
A. It is the extremely stupid name I gave my little comic.

Q. What is the premise of this comic?
A. The premise... Well, the gimmick is that both characters are actually in the Afterlife. I haven't thought of a good name for what they are – they're not ghosts – although judging by the title, I'd say they're spirits.

Q. Who are the characters?
A. Excellent question! Check it out:

This is Dal
Dal is a newly minted spirit. Before they died, they were an employee at the local pet shop and lived on the tenth floor of an apartment building optimistically named "The Lily Pad". They died very recently, and they are being mentored by – 

Vi is a spirit veteran. She's been around for too long and has even forgotten her own past. She seems a bit bonkers to casual onlookers, but she knows the Afterlife inside and out. Her eyes, which look a lot like triplets in NMR spectra, are a result of her time there. I don't actually know much about her yet.

Q. What's up with calling Dal "they"?
A. Another excellent question! You're doing so well :) Dal identifies as non-binary and prefers they/them/their pronouns. If you want to find out more about non-binary gender, you can check out this website:

Q. How did Dal identify before figuring out they were non-binary?
A. Whoa, rude. Also, I don't know.

Q. Dal looks a bit like you. Are they an autobiographical character?
A. Honestly, no. There's a bit of me in both characters, but Dal is based mainly on a couple of friends, which is why earlier depictions of them (Dal) had hair that looked more like whipped cream peaks than just porcupine spikes. Porcupine spikes are easier to draw consistently though, so...

Q. Who is Vi based on?
A. Again, a couple other friends (and myself, I guess). I wanted to give better representation to different body types, so I gave Vi some wicked curves, which can be better seen when she's standing. Also, we're all fans of cats, and that's the reason why Vi mentions kittens or cats nearly every other strip.

Q. Are you non-binary?
A. Mum? Is that you? And no, I am not. I identify as female, but I don't mind being misgendered in the real world (okay, I mind a little). As long as I am confident in how I identify, it doesn't (really) matter. This varies from person to person though, so I can't speak for anyone else.