October 31, 2015

More About a Cat

True story.

Happy Halloween! Or Samhain, or whatever.

I just found out that my previous post was the 100th! That's so many!

I talked to the vice-dean of the science faculty, and he told me to talk to Nadia and either get more information/proof or ask her to talk to him. I won't see her until our next class together, which will be in November.

October 24, 2015

Spirit Talk: Cat

*Pets Aggressively*

October 17, 2015

Spirit Talk: The Afterlife

More from Dal and Vi! They're in the Afterlife right now, and enjoying every moment of it.

October 10, 2015

Spirit Talk: Short Vignettes By A Fake Apath


Vi and Dal are back! in pencil form. They may be back next week too!
Whoa, updates galore!

Short Vignettes By A Fake Apath

Short Vignette 1.

I walked to work today, coffee in one hand and umbrella in the other. I waited, beside a rusty dolphin rusted into the rusty pole, for the lights to change. The dolphin was complete---tail, dorsal fin, everything---but its mouth, its beak, was too plump.

I wonder, I thought. I wonder what it would be like to be eaten by that mouth.

Too plump, and too toothless, and too soft.

It wouldn't hurt; its mouth would flop all around me. Maybe tickle me. But it wouldn't break me. This is a squishy dolphin.

The lights changed.

Short Vignette 2.

There was a skunk waddling towards me. Keeping one eye on it, I crossed the street immediately.

The skunk didn't notice me until it heard my feet pattering away from it. Keeping one eye on me, it retraced its steps in a panic.

We each breathed a sigh of relief as the other passed.

Short Vignette 3.

"Apath, let me die with dignity above all else," she told me. "In my line of work, I see family members forcing their loved ones to cling to life by their fingernails. I take care of patients who are unable to control their bodily functions, and I clean their never-healing bed sores and wounds. It's horrific and horrible and disheartening; so, if you have to choose between forcing me to live and letting me die, always let me die."

"That," I said, "would not go over well with the rest of the family --- but since you're telling me to do it, I will always try my best. And, for the record, I hope you would do the same for me."

"Promise," she said.

"Promise," I said.

Short Vignette 4.

With a blink and a click, the lights went out. Rumbles of dismay rose from the cubicles and hung in the air like storm clouds. The office workers had lost all their unsaved work.

Blink. My laptop was no longer charging, but it was still on. I saved my documents.

Click. I shut my laptop and placed it in the bag. The manager was shouting something about leaving work early. I sat until he was finished.

With a rustling sound that swelled like an ocean wave, we rose from our ergonomic office chairs. Then, we went out.

October 03, 2015

Story Time!


A snippet of an actual note I took in class.

It's been ages since my last update! September was pretty crazy, so my brain's a bit fried.

Story Time!

From my translation professor, on smoking:

"If you're a child and one of your parents smoke, you're screwed. My father would send me out---I could barely walk at that age---to buy his cigarettes for him at the corner store. There would be some money left over to buy a stick of gum or some candy.

"He didn't even start smoking until he joined the US Army. In World War 2, cigarettes were included in their rations; soldiers were rationed two packs a day to keep them awake during their night shifts. He'd never smoked before that.

"In the army, he used to patrol a field at night, and watch for movement. His instructions were to shoot on sight, but if you were patrolling with a lit cigarette all the time, wouldn't your enemies see it?

"Anyway, I always thought it was a bit of an oxymoron, the phrase 'US Army Intelligence'."