August 29, 2015

The Village


I kept saying I would do backgrounds for more comic strips, but I only finished two. Here's one of them.

I haven't been feeling particularly motivated to update lately (mostly because I don't have any good ideas), so here's a filler episode in the madcap dramedy series that is this blog.

Spoiler alert: these are just a bunch of photos I took eight years ago when I visited my dad's village in China. I distinctly remember that the people living there were super excited because they had just installed a new water pump.

Have a lovely day!

August 13, 2015

Super Busy


I've been busy getting ready to get back to Ottawa on Saturday, so here's another quick edition of Cringeworthy Things People Have Said On the Internet. Today, we have this:

"At least 50 people are dead, and over 700 are injured; is it really the time to call out a spelling mistake?"



In other news, my father does not tenderise his meat before overcooking it, so we're eating pork chops with a dry, brick-like texture. Not horrible, in the grand scheme of things (see Facebook post above), but still vaguely unpleasant.

August 08, 2015



Huge shout-out to T for reading this blog regularly. Happy belated birthday! I'd asked Julian for the date four months ago, and I should have written it down, but I vaguely remember him saying it was sometime around now. Possibly yesterday.