July 25, 2015

Dino Egg Oatmeal Commandos and Bison Selfies


Three a.m. weed whacker
Three a.m. gobsmacker
Run like hell after
The three a.m. weed whacker

No comic. I'm working on backgrounds, which is turning out to be more labour-intensive than I'd originally planned. Instead, I have a fake album cover for my fake band, 'Dino Egg Oatmeal Commandos', and the first verse of our fake single, 'Weed Whacker Vigilante'.


This is going to end up a bit like the Toast's Link Roundup, wherein a bunch of links to interesting articles are posted, except my links are much less serious.

Speaking of the Toast, here's an article extolling the simple elegance in the newspaper headlines of yore. Witness:


(Also, don't forget to read the comments. Those Toasties are sharp as knives.)


Check out this hysterical interview in which Sarah Miller talks about her new "book" Bison Selfies with Terry Gross. Here's a screenshot of what may possibly be the greatest thing I've seen all week:

At first, I thought she meant Björk was playing the bison like an instrument, but then I realised she meant Björk was playing the part of the bison. Obviously, this means Björk has the ability to play any role we throw her way, including tectonic plates, potatoes, and herself.


The new Supergirl's already been leaked (to lukewarm reviews, I'm told), but you should take a behind-the-scenes look at it here:

Melissa Benoist is a sweetheart and her enthusiasm is palpable and I'm equal parts excited and wary because DC's track record with female superheroes is kinda spotty.


Finally, here's an anti-smoking ad from the FDA that made me giggle.


Have a smashing week!

July 18, 2015

Spirit Talk 3: Vi


If you thought either Vi or I would be above poop jokes...

Vi's name hadn't been mentioned so far.

The inconsistencies between panels are making me sad, but I have resolved to do better next strip. I'm also going to stick with three panels if I can, since everything's so tiny with four.

It might be too small to see in the third panel, but poor Dal :( And it seems like the more I draw them, the more Dal's hair looks like a mullet.

Or the Sydney Opera House.

Also, Zellers doesn't appear to have gotten around to taking out its computers yet.

July 14, 2015

Spirit Talk 2: Dal's Pockets


I'd wanted to show a whole storyline in the Tim Horton's background, but figured that a couple thousand panels of talking heads would be too boring. Also, is that character development I see there?

Against all expectations, here is a second strip. In case you didn't notice, I really, really can't draw my characters consistently. Hopefully, this will improve with time.

One thing that always seems to pop up when my friends talk about clothing is the lack of pockets in womens' jeans -- the general consensus being that pocketless/shallow-pocketed clothes should burn in hell (click the comic [with the "Nuevos pantalones" obvi] to see the whole thing) forever.

July 11, 2015

Spirit Talk 1: Dal


Tim Horton's doesn't sell foot-longs, so I'm not sure why the guy's eating one.
It's a chicken salad sandwich, in case you were wondering.

The strip's super tiny, so you'll have to click to expand it. Even then, you might not see everything. I didn't plan it out very well.

I'm not a dedicated comic artist, so I'm not sure how many of these I'll do. They're tentatively named "Spirit Talk", and they focus on Dal and Vi. If I continue this long enough, the strips might even form a coherent storyline, so here's hoping.

July 04, 2015

Lady Music Saturdays: Volume Four

Lady Music Saturdays are a countdown to Veruca Salt's new LP, 'Ghost Notes', to be released on July 10, 2015. Join our host, Tory Stevenson, as she navigates through as many musical genres as she can, introducing female artists to her faithful audience of five.

UPDATE: We (aka those who pre-ordered) got the CD early! Huzzah!


It's not really Saturday anymore, but whatever. This is the last installment (huzzah!), so it's ending on a...

Well, it's ending on a correct note.

If you thought I wouldn't put Veruca Salt down for this, you would be sadly mistaken. Sure, their new LP hasn't dropped yet, but based on the new tracks from their YouTube channel (also available as instant grat tracks on their PledgeMusic site), it should be at least as good as their first album.

Here's their newest video for 'Laughing in the Sugar Bowl', complete with imagery from their first singles:

And as a bonus, here's their video for 'Shutterbug', which I really like because they use actual props to bounce and spin and pedal around:

Honourable Mention: Jeen O'Brien is one of those behind-the-scene people who writes music for everyone in the industry, from Ruby Gloom (yes, the cartoon) to Great Big Sea (yes, the band). She's Canadian, relatively unknown, and just released a deluxe edition of her album 'Tourist', which you can hear on SoundCloud. Her voice is a little different -- not sure if it's just the way she records it or what -- but it works really well with some good, growly guitars. Y'all should check it out.

Also, remember to support Canadian artists.