June 20, 2015

Lady Music Saturdays: Volume Two

Lady Music Saturdays are a countdown to Veruca Salt's new LP, 'Ghost Notes', to be released on July 10, 2015. Join our host, Tory Stevenson, as she navigates through as many musical genres as she can, introducing female artists to her faithful audience of five.


After this, it's two lists down, two to go. Also, three-quarters of the way through this list, I was struck by the overwhelming number of... well, Caucasian artists I'd chosen (excepting The Bullitts, of course, but he's just an Honourable Mention). You probably haven't noticed, since I haven't posted any photos, but still -- representation matters. I'll try to remedy this over the next couple weeks.


You can whine about semantics all you want, but EDM and electronica are covered by this section.

Alright, so here we have Evvol -- previously known as Kool Thing -- a band (trio) that is not Canadian (surprise! but remember to support Canadian artists!). Members are Jon Dark, from Australia; her partner Julie Chance, from Ireland; and their drummer and all-around rad guy Valentin Plessy, from... France?

Regardless, they make some smooth, easy-listening pieces. Electronic music for the masses, one might say -- but they do layer some actual guitar, bass, and drums into their synth tracks; and they have some pretty interesting ideas in their B-sides. And they do remixes, although they don't seem to have any on their SoundCloud page (subject to change, obviously). Here is 'No Love', from their upcoming album due out on July 24:

Honourable Mention: There are two this time although, one of them doesn't really count -- it's Kool Thing, the band that Evvol used to be, and their track 'Light Games' (side note: it's kinda difficult to find old tracks by Kool Thing). The other Honourable Mention is Minuit, a disbanded band from New Zealand. Here is their most famous song 'Aotearoa', but they have a relatively extensive discography that I really enjoy.

Grunge / Punk
Under the giant overarching banner of 'Rock', there are so many genres that I'm not quite sure how to split them up -- hence the grouping of grunge and punk.

Chastity Belt has a bit of a Nu-Riot Grrrl thing going on, and when I first heard them it was, like, instant love. Their latest album, 'Time to Go Home', is a bit smoother and more understated than their earlier works (which feature songs like 'Pussy Weed Beer' and, one of my personal favourites, 'James Dean'), but still has the same feminist tones. The album has oodles of detuned lead guitar, wonky lyrics, and other such goodies. Here's their BandCamp page, and here's (one of?) their newest single(s):

Honourable Mention: Obviously Nirvana. Everyone knows who they are, and thus they have an Honourable Mention. Here's a link to 'Breed'.

Hip-Hop / Rap

K.Flay is one of my favourite artists, and I just heart her a lot. Musically, her songs are pretty simple, but her energy really comes through in her delivery, and many of her pieces are just fun. Her latest, and first, LP 'Life As A Dog' (full album on SoundCloud in the link) is a bit more serious and has a lot more singing in it than some of her earlier tracks.

Also, she's from Illinois, so, you know, not Canadian. Also, she does some dope remixes \m/

Here's my favourite song from 'Life As A Dog' (and also the first single, I believe):

Honourable Mention: The Bullitts. He's pretty well-established as an excellent hip-hop artist. You can listen to his debut album 'They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories' on SoundCloud, featuring such people as Lucy Liu, Jay Electronica, and Tori Amos. You guys. He got Tori Amos on his album. Also, he's quite the filmographer, so y'all should check out his music videos.

Indie Pop/Rock

There are quite possibly a million random little hipster indie bands out there. I would, however, like to direct your attention to Charlene Soraia (from Sydenham, Lewisham, London) -- or, more specifically, her very first album, 'Moonchild'. I'll admit to some bias, since her new album 'Love Is the Law' is a little too formulaic-pop compared to what I expected from her. However, 'Moonchild', much like K.Flay (yes, the entire person), holds a very special place in my heart-parts.

And I miss her old website. The volume control was shaped like a blunt (yes, that kind of blunt), and its end would intermittently glow orange when you played her album. It was the coolest :( Her sense of humour is a little off-kilter, so if you have the chance, you should poke around some of her old YouTube videos. And if you should definitely see some of her guitar-playing skills (and here too! It's quite jaw-dropping.)

Anyway, here's her first, prog-rock-y single off of 'Moonchild'. The entire album's excellent, of course, but I really love that this was her first choice.

Honourable Mention: Phew, I have a lot of feelings about Charlene Soraia. Moving on, I present to you... Talk Normal, a duo from Brooklyn, New York. They have a more industrial sound than pretty much everyone I've talked about so far, so if you're interested, here's their cover of 'In Every Dream Home a Heartache' (originally by Roxy Music). Their debut album's awesome.