March 28, 2015



One of the illustrations that made it into the instruction manual assignment. It's based on a comment Aelis made about finally being able to run 5k.

A dialogue-heavy, chaotic slice-of-life snippet today that reads like fanfiction, I'm rather ashamed to say.

It's honestly pretty dull. I've been slamming against the brick wall of writer's block for a while now, and figured putting something boring up on a public forum might spark some creativity or something.


March 21, 2015

Projects Week!


From How to Run Away: Tips for the Elderly, written by seniors for seniors: An illustration demonstrating how to not look like you're running away from a long-term care facility.

I have a billion projects due next Monday to Friday, so I'll leave you with a demo illustration for one of them, and a quote from my Protein Structure and Function professor when a panel from the podium extended (that's an actual function of the right side of the podium) into his solar plexus:

"Oh my goodness, that's bizarre."

March 14, 2015

More Mum!


Here's a five minute sketch of a guy I saw at the university centre.

More from my mother today! It's all positive Mum, don't worry. Because you totally read this blog.


The Rabbit Charm

Tory's Mum (M): Tory, you need to carry around a rabbit for good luck this year. Because you're a dog.

Tory (T): Thanks Mum. I'll just grab one from --

M: Nope, I'm buying you one.

T: Okay, whatever.

M: I'll mail it to you. Remember, when you get it, you HAVE TO KEEP IT WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES.

T: Yes Mum.


T: (Receives package in the mail. She opens it and immediately calls her Mum.)

M: (Picks up phone.) Hello?

T: Mum, you know that thing you sent me?

M: Yeah.

T: I just got it.

M: Okay. Make sure you have it with you at all times. Do you know where to --

T: It's not a rabbit.

M: What?

T: It's a mouse.


T: Yeah.


T: Yes Mum, it has a long tail and short ears and tiny back feet.

M: (Repeats WHAT? ARE YOU SURE IT'S A MOUSE NOT A RABBIT? about 10 times.)

T: (Laughs for three minutes straight.)

The End.

March 07, 2015

Three Drawings


An autobiography by Violette Leduc.

Once upon a time, a judge sentenced a petty criminal to make 500 puns.
"Come on," the criminal said, "that's cruel and unusual punishment."

Random man I sketched at the cafeteria.

Tory's Mum: Tory, how much do you weigh?
            Tory: Mum, you don't ask people questions like that.
Tory's Mum: You're my daughter! I have the right to know everything about you!

Complaining about parents is such a juvenile thing, and my mum is wonderful and excellent and lovely, but there is one little quibble I have with her: She wants to know everything about me. "Oh," you might say, "that's kind of sweet. And understandable."

No, it really isn't.

Here are some of the things she wants to know about me:
1. My weight, even though it hasn't changed in four years;
2. The race and biological sex of all my friends;
3. My bank account balance;
4. My bank account password;
5. Etcetera.

My friend Vince at the cafeteria doing his best Van Gogh impression.

Nothing more to say today. I've been insanely busy.

As a side note, there is someone living close by who has the loudest cough ever, and it sounds like he's sneezing, coughing, and retching at the same time, and at first I was concerned, but now it's just annoying.