October 07, 2014

The Attack


Were they attacked by drummers? Squirrels? Republicans? PLEASE TELL ME BECAUSE I REALLY WANT TO KNOW.
The other day, I received a spam message from one of those petition sites - you know, Change.org or something - and the subject line read:

"Dear [Tory], Please help! My sister and her husband were attacked by..."

... By what? Ebola? A bear? Jehovah's Witnesses? How could I possibly change any of those things by signing an online petition?

In related news, [South] Korea apparently has a lot of intense Christianity-spreaders (CS). My friend Gail told me about her friend - I'll call her Flo - who had an "encounter". The CSs buzzed Flo's apartment, claiming they had a delivery. When she opened the door, they didn't have any packages, but they did have the Lord.

I always thought the Lord was supposed to deliver us.