September 30, 2014



"I can have monkchuks! They're like nunchuks, except I'm not a nun."
Anabelle's exact words from our Dungeons & Dragons session on Saturday. She plays an elc orf cleric with blue skin, and she is neither a magic-user nor a nun.

Also, to those who are going through midterms, I have words for you. Yes, I do. Several words.

1. Sleepless nights are coming up.

2. Drink lots of coffee/tea/cold water. Whatever keeps you peeing throughout the night to help you stay awake.

3. I will not wish you luck. Your success is based solely on your work ethic.

4. If you feel like giving up, go take a nap. You'll feel even grosser afterwards and you'll wish you hadn't, but it's worth a try.

5. Keep doing laundry, no matter what.