September 30, 2014



"I can have monkchuks! They're like nunchuks, except I'm not a nun."
Anabelle's exact words from our Dungeons & Dragons session on Saturday. She plays an elc orf cleric with blue skin, and she is neither a magic-user nor a nun.

Also, to those who are going through midterms, I have words for you. Yes, I do. Several words.

1. Sleepless nights are coming up.

2. Drink lots of coffee/tea/cold water. Whatever keeps you peeing throughout the night to help you stay awake.

3. I will not wish you luck. Your success is based solely on your work ethic.

4. If you feel like giving up, go take a nap. You'll feel even grosser afterwards and you'll wish you hadn't, but it's worth a try.

5. Keep doing laundry, no matter what.

September 27, 2014

Tara and Anya


"... This bathroom's nice."
Been watching a bit of Buffy while studying for my very scary upcoming midterms. I wish there were more scenes between Anya and Tara. They could have had a beautiful friendship... 

Unfortunately, they mainly interact in group settings or with their respective partners, and it really one-dimensionalises their characters.

September 23, 2014

Conversations With My Parents (But Mainly With My Mum)


Didn't have any good screencaps from "Conversations with Dead People", so here's the Cheese Man.
(Also, Tuesday posts seem to be missing original cartoons. School drains the energy from me.)
On with the hard-hitting content.

I present 'Conversations with My Parents', a screenplay.


                       Hey Mum, look at my hair.

                         (looks at Tory's hair)

September 20, 2014



Have rewatched 4 to 5 seasons of Daria.

It's Great.

September 16, 2014

Bad Poetry Day


Parliament, circa April 2012
Time to show off some Bad Poetry.

It's chilly outside
Just above zero degrees
Hi, sweater weather

September 13, 2014

A Potentially Dangerous Game


If textbook shaming doesn't already exist, someone needs to do it.

I'm playing a potentially dangerous game at this moment.

I won't die.

It's not that dangerous.

It's not even a game.

This un-dangerous not-game has a name. It's called "How Long Can [Tory] Last This Semester Without Buying Any Textbooks?"

Good luck to all the students out there wondering if it's more worthwhile to get food or textbooks.

September 09, 2014



Didn't have time to draw anything, so I borrowed this from Google. I'll try to do something at some point, and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Just binge-watched many, many episodes of American Horror Story. Good Lawd. Every episode I was all "You gon' die gurl/son" and they do.

I realise the entire series requires some suspension of disbelief, but there are a couple of things that really confused me. For example, everybody waltzing in and out of the Harmons' home in Murder House. The aliens, psychopaths, angels and demons, all happening at the same time in the second season (which also had, to my great delight, a final girl). And I can't comment on Coven because I haven't finished it, but poor, poor Misty.

On a separate but related note, why do mystical figures who grant wishes always ask for babies in return? What do they do to them? Eat them?

... Probably.

September 06, 2014

'Bones Are Forever', Music Is For Now


I wanted to draw something but classes started up this week. Have a shitty photo instead.
There was an entire review typed up for this CD ('Bones Are Forever' by Ainsley McNeaney), but after a couple of rereads, I decided it wasn't actually all that interesting and I deleted it. However, I did preserve this very last bit:

... I give BAF the adverb+adjective "wistfully whimsical", and 4.3 out of 5.0 Tory Stevenson cartoons (I just made up a rating system).

This is a scientifically and francophonally important rating system. At 5.0 we have the album 'Goi Rode Goi!!' by Arkona; at 0.0 we have anything ever recorded by Florence Foster Jenkins.

If this seems interesting at all, you can find Ainsley McNeaney's website here.

     Speaking of reviews, I read this the other day, and damn. Mr. Stephan J Harper has no shame. If [all five of] you are too lazy to click on the link, it's a review of a mystery novel in which all the characters are teddy bears. The review itself isn't entirely critical, and is actually fairly mild, but the author's reaction down in the comments section is completely batshit insane - and increases in insanity as the comments drag on. The poor man appears to have some sort of narcissistic personality disorder (which is something I clearly can't relate to).

September 02, 2014

Ode to the Unfinished


Above is a Thing that I will never finish, scanned from my novel-sized sketchbook named Karen.

Below is a sentence that will never be finished.

This sentence will