August 30, 2014

The Coal Bear's Last Days of Summer


Oh puns.

Edit: Title originally said 'Dog Days' instead of 'Last Days'. This post was written during the Dog Days.

August 26, 2014

The Hollering Construction Machine, the Registered Trademark, and the Long Title


More from the series of Sketches by Little Me.

This post has an additional thingy. Yay!

I have a third part to my loosely related and occasionally murderous anthropomorphic inanimate object short stories ( part one and part two), but couldn't think of an illustration to go with it. It is also the shortest of the three - elementary-school level in length -, due to it having been written in the middle of a very drowsy six hour journey from one Canadian city to another.

This entire post was written in the middle of a very drowsy six hour journey from one Canadian city to another.

The Band-Aid®

     Once upon a time, there was a Band-Aid®.

     Band-Aids® are, as a rule, perpetually sad and pessimistic due to the nature of their job, and this one was no exception. It waited in its completely sealed-off little wax paper wrapper. 'To keep us sterile', it scoffed. More like 'To keep us isolated and demoralised'. Goddamn pharmaceutical industry.

August 23, 2014

Sketchy Sketch Sketch


A bit of a throwback to my younger years sketching things. Copied it out of an ad; don't remember what for. Clothes, probably.

Little Me didn't put in the ground so it looks a bit wonky, but I leave it to your beautiful, expansive imaginations to see it.

On a related note, one upside of staying with the Parents is 24/7 access to the scanner. This is the beginning of a bunch of sketch posts instead of my cartoons.

August 19, 2014

Childrin R Skary (Katy Towell)


Click to enlarge, like your mum's - ...

Back - for a couple weeks, at least, before school starts ruining my free time again - to your regularly scheduled programming...

This is a submission my - er - friend Cynthia (ignore our uncannily similar styles) drew a few years ago for a Childrin R Skary contest. The quality's rather pixelly and bad, but the originals have disappeared - presumably to a better plane of existence.

For those who do not know what and who Childrin R Skary and Katy Towell are, click here. They are both wonderful.

August 17, 2014



The Titanic sank a little while ago, and I insensitively used it to illustrate the hopelessness of my upcoming midterms last November.