June 16, 2014

Breaking News


"Living Off of (Mostly) Cheap Food", the new single from Riot Undrrrgrad's debut album The Dark Horse will be released on 1/1/2016 at your local HMV. No relation to Katy Perry, who, I must say, cannot even remotely be described as a dark horse.

If second albums are called "sophomore", we should call debut albums "freshmen"... unless we already do, but I don't think I've heard it done before.

And for those who doubt that I am actually living off of this fare - probably the same people who think that parents use their child benefit cheques to buy alcohol, and that homeless people are lazy - here is photo evidence. Minus the chopsticks.

"Those", as if there are people who read this blog regularly.

I used a lot of quotation marks. Today is a quotation marks kind of day.