June 28, 2014

Alice, Student of Architecture, Sister

(Ed. note: What's this? Real art?


     Hey there, I’m Alice, Tory’s younger sister. I’ve been dealing with this stuff far too long.

     If Tory’s chair is the lazy boy armchair, mine is definitely the red plastic rolling chair. They make it look like I’m working, but I’m actually having massive amounts of fun.

     Yesterday I was using such a chair doing schoolwork until 3am. No deadline or anything, I just felt like it. Don’t do this, by the way, its not as efficient as daytime work. This morning I actually managed to wake up at 7am. SUCCESS! So I hit the ten-minute snooze and woke up again at 11:30… oops.

     I think I work too hard and care too much. Then I get cranky at people who don’t do those two things and become a bit of a b*tch. They get better marks than me too… Am I already a cranky Asian auntie? (Ed. note: Yes. Yes you are.)

     I’m designing a progressive wellness centre in an abandoned quarry for a landscape design course. It will be a clinic for growing, processing, providing and studying medical marijuana and other potentially helpful psychoactive medications that could treat neurological disorders. I originally proposed turning the quarry into a giant drug den that was an extremely stupid idea so I had to change part way through. That process taught me a lot about thinking as a practice.

This needs to exist.

Alice designed the mansion where we currently live and is constantly adding improvements to it. She requires square food and meticulously placed silverware at every meal. The quarry above is an awesome idea and would make our country (guess which one) a world leader in something other than maple syrup provision and being polite.